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Need some Great, Inexpensive Advertising to help you promote your Main Business?
Co-op Advertising is What You Need! PeopleSender Has That.

One person, alone, will pay a high price to advertise their program. A bunch of people, together, will pay a lot less. Co-op advertising gives you the benefits of group advertising without having to coordinate the group of advertisers.

All you do is purchase a co-op advertising position for the program you wish to promote. We do all the work.

  • We use advertising venues that are appropriate for your program.
  • We pool the advertising dollars from all co-op members to afford the best price.
  • This gives you a lot more advertising for your dollars.
  • We use advertising venues that are "tried and true" to get you the best results.
  • We do not send "hits", we send real people to view your offer.
  • Pay once, advertise your program all month. No hassles, no excessive clicking.
  • Effortless business building!

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Co-ops Currently Available for:

  • 10K Team
  • AshMax
  • Escalating Biz
  • GDI
  • My Instant Biz
  • OceanSwell
  • Referraler
  • Rolution
  • RipTide Army
  • Schnaap
  • TECommander
  • TEProfits
  • TrafficHoopla
  • TOAN
  • TrafficWave

We also have a "General Business" co-op for all other programs.
Don't see your program in the list above? Let us know and we will consider a new co-op for your program.


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